Afford your very best sleep, no matter what.

Take The Credit For Your Best Sleep.

When the going gets tough, the tough get to sleep.

Our quality of sleep is not the first thing we routinely think of, whether in good or challenging times. Yet it is especially important during demanding periods that we pay even more attention to our deep, rejuvenating sleep. And just as vital is the quality of mattress we can best afford. Proper, quality sleep is an investment in our daily well-being. Never short-change it. Here’s why.

How to Afford Your Best Sleep.

In previous blogs we’ve discussed the importance of healthy daytime diets, with moderate exercise, that help with falling asleep at night. There’s also the need to calm things down at home as we approach our usual bedtime. Put the devices aside. Turn off the TV. Calm the home environment and prepare for sleep. It’s what we call sleep hygiene.

But, perhaps more recently, if anything is likely to keep us up at night, it’s that monthly household budget. Everyone is feeling the pinch. Apart from work commitments, or raising a family, anxiety likely hangs over us every month. We need to be extra careful and smarter about how we spend here and there. Bottom line? We need to be even more mindful of our wellbeing to ensure we stay on top of things. And routine, quality sleep is the numero uno goal.

Beat the Sleep Challenge.

Instead of allowing daily pressures and anxieties to start causing a sleep deficit, beat the challenge and give yourself credit for keeping to your sleep routine. Each day that you wake up refreshed, you’ll be sharp and focused to take on the “hoops ’n hurdles”. By taking special care of your sleep, you’re taking the conscious decision to operate at your best, every day. If you’re realising that you’ve begun to feel a little “sleep-challenged”, you really want to do something about that. Here’s why. And how.

Your Mattress and Optimal Sleep.

Most mattresses have a lifespan of 8 years. So it’s pretty easy to lose track of when you last gave the state of your current mattress a second thought. Through the many years of flopping into bed and drifting off into your sleep zone, you’re not likely to feel an immediate change in your mattress. It happens ever so gradually.

When last did you check your mattress? It’s easily done. Take a moment to press firmly all the way down the middle and around the edges. Does it still feel as firm and supportive as that mattress you bought so long ago? Does the structure of your mattress still feel robust? In fact, would you even buy your current mattress today?!

Probably not. Everything, well, kinda ages. Who hasn’t taken that second look at themselves in the mirror? In fact, if you’ve found you’re waking up slightly crocked and creaky in the mornings – bingo! It’s probably time you and your current mattress parted ways.

From Sleep Challenge to Sleep Test.

As we’ve discussed above, you need to take the time to check the state of your current mattress. Be really mindful and self-challenging. Honestly - could you be getting better, more rewarding sleep than you are right now? It’s time to go mattress testing.

Besides the size of your bed, you’ll be mindful that mattresses come in different support and comfort levels. Generally, there’s Firm, Medium and Plush. Different bed brands offer unique designs, construction and materials. And you’ll be amazed at how mattress technology has developed since you bought your last mattress.

If you’re in any doubt about the level of support and comfort in your current mattress, only a new mattress test will do. And the sooner, the better.

How to Afford Your Best Sleep.

You simply cannot put a price on your best sleep. Right? But let's not kid ourselves – everyone has a budget. And that shouldn’t compromise the very best quality mattress your money can buy. (To be honest, you may end up paying a “higher price” for the quality sleep you deserve.)

Where you really want to start is a destination with the widest range of mattress designs and the latest technology – like The Bed Store. Be sure to test a variety of leading mattress brands and designs to assess the precise level of comfort and support that suits you best. Then factor in the best you can afford. The Bed Store will always have your back, whatever your budget.

Sleep Easier With the Bed Store.

Explore and window-shop the extensive range. Compare the compromises in your current mattress that you need to restore. And keep in mind the amazing advances in foam and spring designs. Choose from a selection you’d like to test and then pop into your nearest store. And besides the affordable price range, be sure to look out for special deals, only at The Bed Store. It’s so important to find the very best comfort and support. With The Bed Store, it’ll take next to no time to get you there. And back to the precious, deep rest you need.

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