How Good Sleep Keeps The Love In The Home. | #LoveYourSleep #TheBedStore

Keeping The Love Starts With Proper Quality Sleep.

You can bet on your better half! No matter what the world throws at you, getting a decent, deep night’s rest together is what really matters. The more love you put into your sleep, the better every next day. And the same goes for the kids, of course. Families who sleep well, stay well.

Put some love into your sleep.

Sharing the love is an everyday commitment to mutual care and respect. It’s also Valentine’s month! So why not use this time as a reminder to do an all-round sleep check on your nearest and dearest? Most importantly, yourself.

  1. Are you getting the right number of sleep hours you need every night? Everyone differs, but around 7-9 hours per night is what you ideally want to aim for.
  2. Are you benefiting from the right kind of deep, full-cycle sleep? As you drift into light sleep, you’ll then fall into increasingly deeper sleep, into a dream state and then start over again. Uninterrupted, you would typically go through 4-6 sleep cycles every 80-100 minutes.
  3. Smart sleepers combine a healthy diet and moderate exercise to help with quality sleep. Are you taking care? There’s no need to be overly strict about it. But eating late and consuming sugary foods, coffee and alcohol ahead of bedtime can interrupt the quality of your sleep.
  4. Critically, when last did you check your mattress for the comfort and support you prefer? It’s not something we think about every day.

How good sleep loves you back.

You’ll sense that perhaps you’re not sleeping properly when you seem to be anxious, grouchy, listless or undermotivated. Getting the right type of deep sleep every night is that magic time when your brain processes the day's thoughts, retains memories and replenishes the body. Good sleep helps keep you mentally sharp, emotionally stable and physically healthy. There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up properly re-energised and ready to go! You get to live, and love, life to the fullest.

You’ve gotta love your mattress!

Every mattress tends to be about an 8-year relationship. It’s just one of those things. No mattress lasts forever. One morning you’ll start noticing perhaps a slight twinge in your back. Perhaps you’ve not been sleeping properly lately. Your trusty mattress is suddenly feeling a little saggy. And it just won’t do.

The perfect mattress is when you enjoy that sensation of being almost weightless. With just the right comfort and support, you’ll really look forward to flopping into bed every evening.

You’ll just love The Bed Store.

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From all of us at The Bed Store – Happy Valentine’s Month! With love.