Make This Your Year of Dream Sleep.

Happy New Year. Happy New Dreams.

As we head back from holidays, or simply get our heads back into work mode, we’re likely to wonder what to expect in the year ahead.

Making new year’s resolutions while on holiday can sometimes get carried away. Things can perhaps be a little too dreamy. Wishful thinking is fun. But setting achievable goals is real, especially if you have a fair idea of what it will take to reach them. It’s both exciting and challenging.

But perhaps there’s a ‘secret ingredient’ you’re likely to miss, let alone even consider. It’s so obvious, but not always a priority. Sleep! And how your best sleep, every night, can make a meaningful difference to the next 365 days.

Make This Your Year of Sleep.

We don’t mean to just lie back and do nothing. Of course not. Just the opposite. By prioritising your sleep, you are actively taking care of one of your most important lifestyle habits for health, hopefully wealth, and certainly the chance of way more happiness.

Along with a reasonably healthy diet and at least some moderate, regular exercise, sleep is what really repairs, replenishes, and reinvigorates us to take on each next day with added focus and purpose. In fact, instead of focusing on what we’d like to happen in the year ahead, we should consider how we’re going to make it happen. And jealously guarding our sleep is a very good place to start.

Dreams Come True With Better Sleep.

Well, if only. But hold on to that thought! Becoming more self-aware and pursuing self-actualisation each day is widely regarded by life coaches and therapists as the beginning of achieving your goals. How you work through adversity, overcome challenges, and acknowledge achievements can only reflect on knowing yourself even better. You might discover abilities and talents you’d never imagined before.

And here’s where sleep conceivably becomes the mystery worker in all of this. The more we concentrate and motivate ourselves towards a particular goal, the more likely it begins to become a part, or extension, of us. It works its way into our subconscious. And when do the mysterious recesses of our brain become dynamically active? When we reach a deep, replenishing state of sleep. While there is no definitive, scientific correlation between self-actualisation by day and subliminal re-affirmation by night, we do know that the brain processes our daily thoughts and experiences when we get proper, quality sleep. Memory and recall are enhanced. Effectively, our deeply engrained thinking becomes the pattern of our behaviour.

Make Your Dream Sleep All About YOU.

So, perhaps your first step to self-actualisation is to prioritise your sleep. Try, as much as possible, to listen to when your own body ‘tells’ you to sleep and wake. If you’re a late sleeper and riser, that’s your natural sleep rhythm. It’s the same if you happen to prefer sleeping earlier and waking earlier. Where things can get tricky as a late sleeper is having to be up early for work or getting the kids up and ready for school. You don’t really have a choice but to ‘self-actualise’ a daily reality that is not really yours to control.

Regardless, pay attention to the ideal number of hours you need to sleep each night. Ensure you’re doing everything that helps you prepare yourself for a restful evening of deep, quality sleep. It’s almost to the point of being a little self-obsessed to ensure you get the sleep you need. Your true self is the inner person you say “good night” to each evening.

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