How to choose your bed?

South Africans may be some of the earliest risers in the world but we still spend an average of 7 hours in bed per day. Make sure you invest in the right bed so you get the best night’s sleep, making that early start a little easier.

When do I need a new bed?

It is recommended that you should get a new bed every 8 – 10 years. From wear and tear over time a bed may not be as supportive as it was when first purchased. Your mattress is also exposed to sweat, drool, skin flakes, hair, body oils as well as allergens, dust, mites, indoor pollution and possibly pet fur, all reasons to take a regular look at the condition of your bed.

Investing in Sleep

It is estimated that we spend at least a third of our lives in bed – that means we will have spent 16 years in bed by the time we are 50! It makes sense to choose carefully when investing in a new bed. There are a wide number of styles and prices available, so take time to consider your needs and your budget before buying. Buying a bed is an investment in your health and one that could be with you for up to ten years. If you need expert advice call or visit a store nearest you!

How to choose a bed?

This is personal preference, but think about your current bed and beds you have slept in when away from home. If you have experienced a good night’s sleep in a different bed, try and remember what was different. Was it the size, mattress, bedding or just the fact that you were away from home and normal life stress?

What does comfort mean?

Comfort is how much support your mattress gives you, namely, soft, medium or firm.
The comfort of the bed depends on the many different elements that goes into making the mattress, such as the different comfort layers and types of foam and the different spring coil systems, and how they are put together to make up your mattress.

What comfort should I choose?

It should be neither too hard nor too soft for your weight and body. It should give you support but be able to yield to the natural contours of your body.
If you or your sleeping partner suffers from back or joint pain, you should pay particular attention to the support of the mattress. If you feel you need a lot of support go for a firmer bed.

What will the bed be used for?

How often is someone going to be sleeping in that bed? Every night or once in a while in a guest bedroom. This will help you decide on quality and price. If you have a guest bedroom that is frequently used its worth getting a good quality bed for your guests, and one that caters to all shapes and sizes.

Measure the room before buying

Make sure to measure the room and space where you want to put your new bed. Make sure you allow for a minimum of 76cm clearance/walking space around your bed, or on the sides that are not against a wall. 92cm clearance around your bed is known to give a luxurious spacious feel. Be sure to measure with a measuring tape before you make your purchase, it will save you the hassle of returns and exchanges.

The size of your bed is Important

The standard double bed size is 137cm wide, which gives each person just 65.35cm of space – that’s just a little over two desk rulers!

Studies have shown that couples sleep better in a larger bed. There may be a number of reasons for this including the size of each person, sleeping habits, and physical limitations like back or mobility issues. So, have a think about how you are sleeping, you might be used to it, but you could have improved sleep with a bigger bed.

Do I need extra length?

If you are taller than 183cm or if your feet are hanging off the end of your bed you should consider an extra length bed. Extra length beds are 2m long and can make all the difference to a good night’s rest.

What is extra depth? And what are the benefits?

The depth of the mattress is how high the mattress is from the base that it is placed on.

The reason mattresses can vary in depth can be from how the mattress is made. Does it have taller springs, extra layer of foam, or a pillow top? These will add to the depth of the bed. Some people choose a higher bed for aesthetics and other for the qualities that are built into the mattress.

Not only does the depth of the mattress vary but the depth of the base can vary too. Bases are a standard 280mm high excluding the legs. If you want your bed to be higher there is the option of 350mm.

Remember having extra depth mattress or base, results in a higher bed, this means you will need extra depth linen and an extra depth base cover. It also means standard bed side tables will not match the height of your bed and you may need to adjust your headboard.

Our online store sells standard and extra depth mattresses. However, our bases are a standard size of 280mm. If you have special requirements on the height of your base please call the store nearest to you and we can customize your order. Find your nearest store here.

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector shields your mattress from sweat, drool, skin flakes, hair, body oils as well as allergens, dust, mites, indoor pollution and possibly pet fur therefore keeping your mattress more hygienic and making it last longer.

Getting used to a new bed

Like with many things we can sometimes be averse to change. We encourage you to sleep on your bed for at least a week before wanting to change your bed. Sometimes an old unsupportive bed might seem as if it was more comfortable to you, but a new bed may just take some time to get used to and will be better for your sleep health in the long run.

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