Why a sleeper couch can be the smarter option.

Why a Sleeper Couch Can Be The Smarter Option. 

It’s as if you’re shopping at The Bed Store, not for a bed, but for a stylish, fashionable piece of living room furniture. Like the ultimate designer couch. Except it’s also a bed. Now that’s what you call putting style and smarts together.

We’ll check out the incredible sleeper couch range at The Bed Store in a bit. First, let’s consider the plain, money-saving logic of making your beautiful living room into a sleepover space.

Why Get a Sleeper Couch?

Well, let’s face it. Every now and then, someone kicks somebody else out of bed. For whatever reason. Snoring. Overdoing the garlic. Hogging the duvet. It could be the silliest thing. But you can’t be messing with someone else’s sleep. And so, somebody is relegated to the living room couch for the evening.

What a win! First off, you’re in for a really comfortable night’s sleep. And! The living room TV is probably all yours. To your heart’s content. (Except, maybe not so great for your sleep. So, don’t get too excited there.)

The really smart reason to invest in a designer sleeper couch is twofold:

  1. You have an immediate bed available for extended family stays, or overnight guests, that is sure to afford them a solid night’s rest.
  2. Compare the cost of a spare bedroom. Right? Of course, it can only add value to your home, but do you really need it? And what if you live in a more contained apartment? Just because you don’t have a spare room doesn’t mean you can’t have your nearest and dearest over to stay.

What to Look For in a Sleeper Couch.

We’ll get into the construction, support and ease of the couch-to-bed mechanism in just a bit. But seriously. What you want in a sleeper couch is a beautifully designed and manufactured couch. You’re looking for a full-time couch to complement your living space, with a part-time sleeping facility.

Anyone who has been shopping around for a designer couch will already know that the sales person can see you coming from a mile off. The ka-ching is already announcing your arrival. You’re shown around. You sit. You lean back. Feel the fabric. Think about yourself thinking about nothing, because you’re in the zone. The comfort zone.

How much? Well, probably upwards of R10,000? Yo, it’s a nice couch. So nice. The fabric. The support. The colour and the design. Man, it’s a done deal. Except it’s not. Now let’s compare it to a sleeper couch.

The Beauty of a Sleeper Couch.

Reading this on your phone? Or a computer at work while you should be working? LOL! Keep this window open and click here to bring up The Bed Store's range of sleeper couches.

First, not even some couch stores can boast a designer range like this. Second, can you not just imagine one of these couches working so perfectly in a living area? The clean, retro lines in the design will complement any look. Depending on the space you have available in your living room, you can opt for arm supports, or choose a trendy, open couch. Perfect for perching in front of the TV.

And now – the price. The price! And we haven’t even gotten to the bed part yet. You’re getting double the functionality at almost half the price of a couch. The back-rest folds down perfectly to form a gently cushioned “mattress” surface. Yet the support is sturdy. It gives a whole new meaning to falling blissfully asleep on the couch.

Don’t Sleep on it. Buy it!

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Don’t forget to check out the special promotions at The Bed Store each month. In the meantime, consider adding some smart style to your home with a beautifully designed sleeper couch. Two for the price of one. Now isn’t that just a win-win!